What makes any of us do the things we do? Some might say it’s security - ‘you’ve got to pay the bills right?’ - others would say they do what they do as it gives them a sense of significance as ‘it’s the one thing I can do and do really well’, whilst many might say it’s simply because of the camaraderie i.e. that sense of connection they get from the people they work with on a daily basis. Each may be true to the individual to a greater or lesser degree, but once you’ve achieved a standard of success that you deem to be acceptable, what drives you?

Why does, for example, an athlete train day-in, day-out, to hone their craft to a finite degree, when they've already become an Olympic Gold Medalist? Perhaps a number of times! And what makes a winner at this level into a truly great champion? It’s no longer about initial talent or inspiration, it’s about taking your talent to the highest standard you can possibly take it to, taking responsibility for everything you do, every choice you make, going beyond yourself and growing and giving back. Sure, each win is a superb outcome, but it’s becoming the best you can be, with the tools, attributes and experience you have, that delivers the true sense of satisfaction and as such drives passion. But it’s the personal growth and contribution to others that ultimately provides true happiness.

Moving Forward

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