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The prospect of buying my company on my own was daunting. ARKLE made it seem achievable, and added value every step of the way

Rob Webb
MD Becktech Limited

Structured MBO’s

Is there an MBO opportunity you can see within your organisation? Is there a possibility to realise the potential within the business and within you? If only you could find a firm to partner with, would that help you achieve your goals? Well, perhaps you should consider ARKLE, we’ll give you an honest view of your situation and guide you as to the best route to success, including the timescales and hurdles that will need to be cleared along the way.

Structured MBO’s
One of Our Successes


Key reasons why I chose ARKLE:

  • Wealth of experience
  • They led the process
  • Had the necessary resources
  • Honest & straight forward
  • They understood what we were looking to achieve

Rob Webb
Director, Becktech Limited

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