Emergency Funding

If your business is experiencing cash flow difficulties then we may be able to help.

We’ve helped numerous owners who have found themselves backed into a corner, stressed and with nowhere to turn for a guaranteed solution.

ARKLE’s team has years of experience in dealing with:

  • Creditors
  • Bailiffs
  • HMRC arrears
  • Statutory demands
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Leased property disputes
  • The loss of a significant customer
  • Refinancing of debtor books or equipment

A lot of other companies professing to provide help and funding to companies who find themselves in these situations are actually only interested in the fees they can generate for themselves by introducing you to a funder or worse, an insolvency practitioner.

ARKLE is different because we have our own funds, decisions are made swiftly without going through a credit committee, we don’t look to make money out of fees, we align our interests with owners and we provide real hands on support along with the funding.

Often with these situations time is of the essence so why hesitate, contact us today.

Emergency Funding
ARKLE act quickly !

We have previously completed deals in three to four working days from meeting the client/seller/vendor to providing the funding required and/or completing an acquisition if necessary.

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