“How would I rank ARKLE? Well they’re different. They’re very good at what they do, and yeah, they are unconventional. They’re honest, straight and willing to guide you, not dictate terms. That was important to me as I looked to take on the ownership of the business I’d been running for someone else. I’d give them 5/5”


“I was looking to expand the business. I found a new partner in a US company which provided the desired investment. However it became evident after a relatively short period of time that the relationship was turning sour. I felt out of my depth and thankfully found ARKLE to guide me through the mire of legals and financials I had to deal with. I came out unscathed: amazing when I look back.”

Legals & FD Support

“I simply had no idea of the process or the pitfalls I was facing. I had been advised badly and as such had no idea of the barrel of the metaphorical gun I was looking down. ARKLE assessed, then assisted me to manage a way through the unforeseen circumstances. I eventually exited the business in a healthy way. I’m very grateful.”

Private Business Acquisition

“Having built the business up over a number of years, loving every minute, I never thought I would have to dispose of it in such a hurry. You take your health for granted when it’s there but when the proverbial hits the fan, you need resource you don’t think you can afford and a trust you’d normally only expect off a close friend. Thankfully I found both in ARKLE.”

Corporate Acquisition

“We needed a discrete solution to dispose of a non-core asset, that would allow the staff to retain their jobs, the brand to maintain credibility and hopefully long-term for the business to survive. Under ARKLE’s stewardship, the business has gone on to thrive.”


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