No. What we have is our own fund and we have a number of high net worth individuals who have approached us and asked if they can invest alongside Arkle. We also, from time to time, partner with specialist property funds.


No, we will look at any company with a turnover above £1m. 

No.  However we like manufacturing and engineering companies.

Yes, we are actively looking for acquisitions in other countries.

We can and do hold companies for as long as we want.  We are not like Private Equity firms who have funds that run for fixed periods thus forcing a sale after typically five years.

Unlike quoted companies and most investors who are looking for companies that will make more next year than this year in order to achieve some predicated internal rate of return, we will acquire and will gladly continue to own a company that is able to produce the same level of profits year in, year out.

Each case is different and it really is down to you. We are led by what you want to do.

We have previously completed deals in three to four working days from meeting the client/seller/vendor to completing the acquisition.

Yes as we have a track record of being able to turn around businesses successfully.

No. In our last 50+ acquisitions we have not asked the owner to warrant anything other than their legal ownership of the shares. Unlike other companies we do not expect you to give pages and pages of warranties.

Due to our hands-on experience and flat management structure we are able to undertake due diligence very quickly with minimal disruption to the business, typically in one to two days.

In the past, when requested, we have kept our involvement confidential for up to a year, usually until we are required to fill out an annual return.


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